The beautiful sun sets, with long shadows on the horizon of the Tucson. You might never have seen such a place with calmness you cannot disturb even if you shout aloud.  You will see the area is covered with Rincon Mountains. The view is magnificent when they glow orange-pink in the gathering dusk. What you will see are one of the iconic images of the American West that slowly emerges as hundreds of saguaro cacti— North America’s largest cactus—take on their unmistakable silhouettes against the darkening sky.

Do you know that the heights of these Cacti are more than double of your height!


  • The cacti grow naturally only in the Sonoran Desert and can reach heights of 60 feet and live for up to 150 years.

  • The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and you will be amazed with the cool breeze.

  • The welcome area is probably the best part of this journey, it is full of information and you will see very large cactus. You would have wonderful time walking and looking,  could see a couple of roadrunners as well. Thankfully no snakes!